Maracuya as imagined by Yocelyn Riojas.

Maracuya as imagined by Yocelyn Riojas.

Passion Fruit, Maracuya or Granadilla?

We wanted to be intentional in our launch of GYV products. When we launched GYV in 2018, it
was our goal to explore voices, staples, and scents from Mesoamerica. My wife
is from northern Mexico, and I am from El Salvador; we knew there was a lot to
highlight and share, so the GYV Hope initiative was born. Our goal was simple, to highlight
Mesoamerican beauty and to give back.
We reached out to Latinx designers; we assigned each a fruit
to give us whatever design came to mind based on the fruit as well as asking
them for a non-profit that they would like to support.
We had known Yocelyn Riojas from her work, she is a visual
designer, illustrator, artist, activist, the list goes on and on, click here
for more info.
Yocelyn's assigned fruit was Passion Fruit and she informed
us that she would be supporting Casa Marionella, a non-profit organization.
We knew she would create something amazing, but what she
sent was way more than that, thanks to her we met Casa Marianella.

goes exceptionally well with Casa Marianella and Yocelyn's mission.

This plant's fruit, leaves, and roots may all be used,
nothing is wasted. In most of central america, this fruit (maracuya is the
acidic version, and granadilla is the sweet version) is served as a
thirst-quenching beverage; Fresco de granadilla, its leaves are used in salads,
and have traditional medicine use.

Casa Marianella is named for Marianella García Villas, a
Salvadoran attorney and human rights organization founder who battled against
human rights violations in El Salvador until her assassination by government
troops in 1983. Casa Marianella welcomes displaced immigrants and promotes
self-sufficiency by providing shelter and support services.

Casa Marianella is the only homeless shelter in Austin
dedicated solely to immigrants. 65% of our shelter residents, including
children, are asylum seekers, many coming to us from immigration detention.

The work that Casa Marianella does is so important for the community,
they GYV Love, GYV hope, GYV freedom to those in need, we invite you to share
with us their story and GYV your support

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