Gift Set Mother's Day
Gift Set Mother's Day
Gift Set Mother's Day

Gift Set Mother's Day

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Mom deserves the best this year, think about what your mom is passionate about and send her one of these sets:

  • Vainilla, if she loves spices, our Vainilla set is right for her, with a heavy dose of Red Cedar and hints of Chile, tobacco.  Its sweetness comes from caramelized raw sugar.
  • Jamaica, does she like to read in the mornings? Then Jamaica is the best, reminiscent of the best agua fresca you ever had, this scent is a luxurious mix of Orange, Oaxacan Pineapple, Guava, Hibiscus flower, Caramel and Oak Moss
  • Mango, does Mom loves walking? Then our Mango set is what she needs. This scent is a luxurious mix of Mexican Lime, Chipotle, Sweet Mango, Mamey, Agave nectar, and Salvadorian Honey. 
  • Limon, if Mom loves gardening, there is nothing better than our Limon set, this scent is a luxurious mix of Magnolia from Costa Rica, Lemon blossom, Guatemalan lemon, Pineapple, Acapulco Papaya, with a hint of Yerba Buena and Cedro de Honduras.
  • Dalia, Mom loves gardening? There is nothing better than our Dalia set. This scent is a luxurious mix of Dalia, Jasmin de Media Noche, Plumeria de Yucatan, Vainilla Bean and Red Cedar 

Each of our set contains a full-size candle, a travel tin, a hand cream and a rose quartz for good energy. The dust cover is a work of art by Yocelyn Riojas.

Our candles are poured by hand and use a proprietary mix of corn, pumpkin and coconut wax, our fragrances are essential oil perfumes blends. The hand creams are four-staples enriched. Maize oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Frijol Negro (bean) extract, chile extract and super oil from the prickly pear seed (AKA Tuna del Nopal). This oil contains more Tocopherol (molecules with strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties) than any other oil available in the beauty care market plus essential fatty acids (Linoleic Acid and Omega 6). It leaves your hands feeling softer and smoother after each use.

Remember, GYV Love, GYV Hope, GYV Freedom JUST GYV