Limon Candle

Proprietary wax blend of Coconut, Corn, Pumpkin and natural waxes, uniquely blend to ensure a clean burn and even fragrance dispersal
Our scented candle gets its beautiful silhouettes from the large staple of Mesoamerican flora and fauna. Its timeless design compliments any setting.
Limon, pays homage to the official afternoon drink in Mesoamerica, Limonada.
This scent is a luxurious mix of Magnolia from Costa Rica, Lemon blossom, Guatemalan lemon, Pineapple, Acapulco Papaya, with a hint of Yerba Buena and Cedro de Honduras

  • Proprietary vegetable blend, Pumpkin seed, Corn, Coconut and other natural waxes.
  • Essential Oil perfume blends
  • Burn time is approximately 100 hours.
  • Candle Volume: 10 ounces
  • 100% natural wicks

Our Wax Blend is natural, it's organic and more eco-friendly to harvest. It burns cooler so it lasts longer, and it can hold a higher fragrance concentration. It also improves the cold and hot throw of our candles
Coconut Wax
Produced by pressing the Oil out of the

Coconut meat 100% Natural and Biodegradable Coconut wax is of natural origin.
Maize (Corn)
“Maize was and is the very basis of settled life in Mexico and, in fact, throughout the regions of the New World civilized in Pre-Columbian times.”

Corn oil is extracted from the germ of corn.
Pumpkin Seed Oil
The oldest pumpkin seed found dates back as far as 7000 BC, according to archeologists excavating a tomb in central Mexico. Botanically classified as a fruit rather than a vegetable, the pumpkin has been cultivated in the Tehuacan and Oaxaca valleys and in Tamaulipas since 6000-5000 BC.
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