4-Staples Hand cream with Pumpkin seed oil

4-Staples Hand cream with Pumpkin seed oil

The beauty of Mesoamerica has always invoked a wide range of powerful emotions from the lucky visitors who stumble upon this wonderful landscape and culture.

The allure of this region has served as the fundamental inspiration for our journey here at GYV. Scents create a scene, develop a place or a person in one’s mind. Our Dalia fragrance for example, as a homage to Mexico one of the largest regions in Mesoamerica, inspires such a scene to us here at GYV.

It has been well documented that our ancestors in Mesoamerica used aromatherapy in their daily life, add to that the beauty of its flowers and you can see why we got our inspiration in Dalia.

The beauty of this flower in its vibrant petals, a gorgeous, geometric, pink and white is hard to resist.

This species was designated as the national flower of Mexico in 1963 and is found in gardens throughout the country. Europeans were enamored by the beauty of the plant including the famous French impressionist Claude Monet who painted the beautiful Vase of Dahlias in 1883. We also got inspired by it, and its influence in the direction of our product line is palpable. With its red cedar base and a mix of plumeria and vainilla (vanilla) to compliment the scent of Dalia, we have created a truly representative scent of the Mesoamerican region.

This scent is a perfect compliment to our hand cream ingredients.
One of the main ingredients is Pumpkin seed oil, with its rich content of vitamins and antioxidants, it benefits the skin by helping retain moisture, fighting free radicals and maintaining a youthful appearance. Its benefits do not stop there, it promotes skin renewal and improves skin tone.

No wonder our ancestors prized this fruit (That is right, botanically, it is a fruit) We invite you to try a GYV Hand Cream and see for yourself why the ingredients are so important for your skin wellbeing.

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