Agua Fresca Candles

Agua Fresca Candles

New products for GYV should be a reflection, of our culture, we must ask, does it highlight a voice? A scent or a place in Mesoamerica and is it common to the region, and that it makes it hard; but the inspiration for Agua Fresca came actually quite easy, as we were discussing the GYV HOPE project and drinking a glass of agua fresca de guayaba.

 guayaba fruta

Aguas frescas as they are known in Mexico, or Frescos as in el Salvador,  Guatemala and Costa Rica, are for the most part a mixture of fresh fruit, water and sugar. Each region has its own favorite agua fresca, and there are possibly hundreds of recipes mixing regional fruits, vegetables, nuts and other ingredients.  An agua fresca can be as simple as maracuya pulp, sugar and water or as complex as Salvadorean horchata with more than a dozen ingredients, including semilla de morro, also known as Jicaro.

We knew this was the perfect line but how do we present it? Well, with our hand-blown glass vitrolero of course! It's iconic and will make for a gorgeous presentation. The jarrito has been designed as a perfect vessel for fragrance candles with its sleek lines; snuffing out any other thought or distractions you may have while enjoying your favorite scent.


The collaboration with five amazing designers has made our product unique.  And what's more interesting are all these organizations they introduced us to along the way! Their stories and what they do is amazing, like Cuidando alas que nos cuidan, a collective that supports parteras (mid-wives) in El Salvador that are struggling to keep their language Nahuat alive and the traditional practice of parteria

We will be letting you know more about all of the wonderful organizations  in the next few weeks.

In the meantime learn more about the fragrances, artists and organizations here.

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