Anona, A Beacon of Hope!

Anona, A Beacon of Hope!

The Anona was featured in a stamp from El Salvador, the stamp made it on a letter that I read for my mom, the message of the letter was of hope and made her beam with happiness, never had I seen her smiling so much; and that image stayed with me for a long time, a sweet complex image that represented home and belonging. What's anona? Well, that depends on who you ask, The Anona family like a delicious edible rainbow, has many colors, flavors and textures.

Our Anona Agua Fresca Candle has notes of Sugar-Apple, Mango, Apple, Violet, and Vanilla.

We decided to partner with different Latinx artists to design the packaging label of our new Agua Fresca Candles and we reached out to Ernesto (Neto) Rodriguez  o help us with Anona. Each artist picked a charity to support with each purchase of the candle they designed. Neto chose Las Fotos Project.

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