DALIA (Dahlia) Queen of Flowers

DALIA (Dahlia) Queen of Flowers

The beauty of Mesoamerica has always invoked a wide range powerful emotions from the lucky visitors who stumble upon this wonderful landscape and culture. The allure of this region has served as the fundamental inspiration for our journey here at GYV. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we have witnessed colors, scents, flavors, and cultures that have driven us to be ambassadors of this unique part of the world. As we begin this endeavor, we are full of excitement and determination, filled to the brim with the inspiration that lies within Mesoamerica. During the long road ahead of us, GYV will serve as arbiters for the beauty and grace of this ancient region, bringing it full-circle into the modern world. Every subregion is filled with unique aesthetics that define it. We hope that you will accompany us on our quest to rediscover the majesty of Mesoamerica.

One stand-out symbol of Mesoamerica is the beautiful dalia flower (commonly spelled dahlia in English). Today in Central Mexico, you can still find vast meadows covered with fields of these beautiful, perennial flowers. The dalia pinnata, a gorgeous, geometric, pink and white species was designated as the national flower of Mexico in 1963 and is found in gardens throughout the country. Europeans were enamored by the beauty of the plant including the famous French impressionist Claude Monet who painted the beautiful Vase of Dahlias in 1883.

The beauty of this flower is not just in its vibrant petals, but also in its tasty tuberous root.  Used by the Aztecs as a food crop before colonization, the flower and it’s roots were huge influences in the direction of our fragrance line. With its red cedar base and a mix of plumeria and vainilla (vanilla) to compliment the scent of dalia, we have created a truly representative scent of the Mesoamerican region.


Outside of gardens and colorful floral arrangements, dalia root has been incorporated into many modern recipes in order to recapture the flavors of the historic region. Dalia has entered the kitchen at Restaurante El Silo in Mexico City where their Dalia Salad with Chile de Arbol entices visitors from across the continent. Amatuer chefs might be inspired to use dalia in their own homemade recipes where they can be prepared similarly to potatoes. With over 40 species of dalia, the flavors can range from sweet to bitter to bland, and the flowers can represent every color of the rainbow.

We invite you to GYV Mesoamerica and the dalia a deeper look, and to behold the beauty for yourself.

GYV Hope, GYV Love, GYV Freedom.  JUST GYV

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