Dalia, Mesoamerican Beauty

Dalia, Mesoamerican Beauty

Just like roses, lilies, and many other flowers, Dalia has a specific meaning when given to a loved one as a gift. In the 19th century, the Dalia flower represented dignity and elegance when given to another person. It was, and still is, included in bouquets to represent commitment and everlasting bonds of love. You can still see bouquets in flower shops, where Dalia is arranged prominently with more popular varieties of flowers that together represent amor y paz within a marriage. You might be wary, however, of the red Dalia which is considered by some to be a warning of betrayal and dishonesty!

dalia meadow

The belleza of the Dalia that so elegantly shines through our product line here at GYV is just one of many historical uses for this extraordinary flower. A quick history lesson will reveal that Dalia has been used by many people, including as a traditional medicine by the Aztecs and by doctors in the United States in the 20th century. The ancient Aztec people, one of the mightiest empires of Mesoamerica, were known to have used Dalia to treat epilepsy in the 15th and 16th centuries. Diabetics were benefiting from the sugary Dalia tubers in the 20th century when synthetic insulin had not yet been invented, improving the quality of life for thousands of diabetics. When Dalia was taken to Europe more than 200 years ago, English and Spanish royalty fell in love with the beauty of the flower which led to their widespread cultivation in Europe. Just as they have fallen in love with Dalia, so have we, and we are excited to GYV you a chance to fall in love with Dalia too!

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