Esperanza una Voz para muchos.

Esperanza una Voz para muchos.

Esperanza Candle
Did you know that up to 56% of agricultural workers in the United
States are of Mesoamerican descent, and they are the backbone of a more than
trillion dollar agricultural industry! 
Sadly, this group of workers suffers from food insecurity, low access to
health and many other issues that we are hoping you can support and help.  A study conducted in New York in 2007 found
that poverty, frequent mobility, low literacy, language and cultural barriers
impede agricultural workers' access to social services and cost-effective
primary health care.  For more
information click here.  
GYV was founded to pay tribute to our Mesoamerican
heritage, its people, voices, scents and flavors.  We use staples like maize,
pumpkin, bean and chiles in our hand cream!  And as part of our GYV HOPE
initiative we partner up with non-profits that align with our values.  And we’re proud to partner up-with National
Center for Farmworker Health
But who is NCFH? 
The National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH) is a
private, not-for-profit corporation located in Buda, Texas dedicated to
improving the health status of farmworker families.
NCFH has a nation-wide health information and referral
service aptly named Call for Health. The services they
provide to our farmworkers are lifesaving. For more information and
to support directly click here.

To celebrate this partnership, we are proud to launch
Esperanza.  A candle that represents HOPE
for us, it is a beautiful ceramic vessel with a lid, the fragrance has notes of
Apricot, Lemon, Jasmine as well as Rose and Pepper.  As always, we use vegetable waxes, 100%
cotton wicks and our fragrances are essential oils based.  




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