Flower of Flowers

Flower of Flowers

Many gardeners refer to the Dalia as La reina del jardín de otoño (The Queen of the Fall Garden) for the abundance of the flowers during the Autumn season. Luckily for our customers, we will be GYVing you the beauty of this Mesoamerican flower all year long. The flower of flowers, as it is known by many florists, will be accompanied in our luxury candles by other Mesoamerican staples such maíz (corn), and calabaza (pumpkin). The heavenly scent is a complex mix of Dalia, Jasmin de Media Noche, Plumeria de Yucatan, Vainilla Bean, and Red Cedar. For a more traditional floral scent, you might try the Pink Dahlia candle from Apotheke out of Brooklyn, New York, or the full line, Dahlia Divin by Givenchy.

Our Mesoamerican heritage inspires the creative combination of ingredients that make-up our luxury candles. Not only is maíz the main ingredient for the most delicious tortillas in the world, but it can also be found in our Dalia candles. One of the most iconic staple crops of Mesoamerica, maíz has fed the region for over 4000 years! There are over 50 different strains of maíz that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Skilled ancient farmers selectively bred these crops to produce tastier food and a lot more of it. As floods and storms increased in severity, maíz was made more durable, helping the ancient cultures grow to their full strength. Here at GYV, we are grateful for the thousands of hands that still grow maíz and turn it into tasty tortillas. Now it’s time for us to find new ways to incorporate this ancient crop into modern society, starting right here with our luxury Dalia Candles.


GYV Love, GYV Hope, GYV Freedom. JUST GYV!

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