GYV Hope Campaign

GYV Hope Campaign

Hope has been a guiding principle for GYV because, to us, hope is fuel for positivity. When we say GYV Hope we are encouraging everyone to look around and do something, anything, to help. It seems like a vague request, but we at GYV feel it is important to remind ourselves, and anyone who will listen, that a little bit of kindness goes a long way during these challenging times.

With that said, we know there are a lot of people in need of help so since our inception we decided to use our passion for Mesoamerican staples, voices, flavors, and fragrances to guide our efforts to find and support organizations who are nurturing and improving the communities that inspire us. To further support our focus, we are excited to announce that we are going to partner with VOICES in the community to raise awareness and resources to GYV Hope and help heal one candle fragrance at a time.


While the sense of smell has long been a form of healing in Mesoamerica, think of Aztec doctors prescribing the smell of flowers to alleviate depression and fatigue, we are using scent to heal in a slightly different way. We are working with community leaders to design fragrances that share their beautiful stories rooted in Mesoamerica. Through their stories we strive to redefine and realign cultural perceptions of Mesoamerica while highlighting its presence in the modern world.

 GYV Hope Candle

While stories are powerful, we also realize that there are people who need us to GYV Hope in the form of immediate action.  For this reason, we have committed to sharing the proceeds from the sale of our GYV Hope collaboration candles with an organization selected by the fragrance designer.  Together we will use our voices and resources to raise money and awareness for organizations working to support and uplift.

We are excited to launch the GYV HOPE candle collaboration campaign and to have none other than Jessica Marie Garcia as our first designer is beyond amazing.

GYV Hope

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