GYV Love Holiday Shopping Guide

GYV Love Holiday Shopping Guide

Just like roses, lilies, and many other flowers, Dalia has a specific meaning when given to a loved one as a gift. In the 19th century, the Dalia flower represented dignity and elegance when given to another person. It was and still is, included in bouquets to represent commitment and everlasting bonds of love. You can still see bouquets in flower shops, where Dalia is arranged prominently with more popular varieties of flowers that together represent Amor y Paz and since Dalias are a summer flower you can GYV a Dalia candle this holiday season. 

Here at GYV Mesoamerican Beauty, we celebrate the beauty of our culture; and like Dalias are perfect for GYVING, this season we partnered with our friends to offer you a holiday gift guide.  You are sure to find something for anyone in your shopping list.

Please remember this holiday season to support small businesses, specially our friends, they represent what makes our culture beautiful; note that not only are you buying something really cool for your loved ones, but you are also GYVing all of the brands here an opportunity to continue offering you such great products that continue pushing the beauty of Mesoamerica and El Caribe.  Scroll down for the shopping guide, click on the pictures to take you to each of our friends' stores or Instagram pages.

Behind these brands are real people, like Judith Pelayo, she found inspiration on the funny “dichos” heard all over Latin America, she decided to use that and launched puestopelayo, here she is rocking her “no soy monedita de oro” shirt. 

Another Poderosa, Melissa Rojas,  offering the beautiful rich culture of sarapes.  Melissa is the founder of Chasing Camilla, her journey started with the sarape santa hat, she now offers minnie ears and muchos sarape cositas! 

Sololi is family owned business, with beautiful clothing, accessories, and home decor, they offer an alternative to factory-made goods, as Isabel says, they offer one of a kind pieces made with love. (love their Otomi inspired products) you will find their one of a kind pieces accompanying some of our pictures.


The creative output of Isabel, the creator and owner of Crafts by Isas is palpable in each of her creations; bright and bold and no two will be exactly the same.

And what about Texas Chingona! FIerce like Frida, Brave like Selena and Sexy like Shakira; do you really need to know more?

Sandra Vargas love for her culture inspired her to launch Lifesamoda; her faceless dolls, she explained, are faceless because we all look so different with all shades of skin color and facial features.


Lilibun Designs is another brand inspired by our culture, Lily loves sewing and loves making handmade felt garlands, Christmas ornaments and more.

The colors and textiles of Mexico inspired Cynthia de la Rosa to launch her line of backpacks, handbags, and accessories that make House of the Rose so unique. 


XoCafecito's Helen Vasquez incorporates "sayings" that she heard growing up in South Central Los Angeles, her love for her culture gave us xocafecito.


In 1920 Maya Ali and Co was born, the name means Niña Maya in Quiche’ this brand has been passed down through generations, the maintain Guatemala's artisanal traditions.

Las Calaveras started as a Dia de Los Muertos floral arrangement business.  It is now a year-round fully established brand, her migajon creations are rooted in tradition and love for her culture.

MasMasa creates t-shirts with specific reminders of personal empowerment, culture, and travel, like her "Soy Fuerte Soy Capaz" t-shirt.

Chic Party Goods, as its name implies, offers fun ways to embrace the Latin culture.


Every purchase has a purpose, especially if todo es hecho a mano (handmade) as is the case with Glamindo Artesanias, 

Here is the shopping guide.  Please note that there is no specific order on the list. Click on the pictures to visit our friend's website or click on their IG handle to visit Instagram. Please helps us share this list with your friends.  






























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