GYV Print Mesoamerican Art

GYV Print Mesoamerican Art

When you receive one of our luxury candles, the first thing you will notice is the striking design that is etched into the glass that surrounds our wonderfully fragrant candles. Here at GYV, we found inspiration in the artistic expression of Mesoamerican cultures, Mixtec, Choi, Totonac, Otomi and many more.

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The Otomi people were probably the first inhabitants of the altiplano, one of the largest climate zones in Mesoamerica. They were fantastic farmers of maize, calabaza, beans, and chile, the mains staples that inspired our luxury candles and hand creams. Known for their handcrafted textiles, the Otomi women would draw local plants and animals before using satin stitches to outline their drawings, which they would later sell at markets. The craft was repopularized in the 1960s when a drought severely impacted the economy of the region.


It is largely believed that the animals that are represented in Otomi prints were inspired by nearby cave drawings. In the GYV print, you can see ornate birds, deer, and agave alongside other native flora like the four staples and fauna. As your candle burns, the shadows will come alive, casting the animals and plants of Mesoamerica onto any surface that is touched by your GYV candlelight. The GYV print perfectly accentuates our four Mesoamerican inspired scents, creating a truly multisensory environment for any occasion. Dive into the Mesoamerican experience with one of our luxury candles and maybe get inspired by the Otomi people and their beautiful designs, just like we did here at GYV.

 Mango candle glass pattern

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