Hope started with a candle

Hope started with a candle

It has been well documented that our ancestors in Mesoamerica used aromatherapy in their daily life.  It is believed that Aztec physicians would use the sense of smell to heal and would prescribe patients to inhale the fragrance of certain flowers to alleviate depression and fatigue.  With scent being such an important part of Mesoamerican history, it should be no surprise that the first product launched by GYV Mesoamerican Beauty was a candle that could fill a room with the sophisticated fragrances of our roots.

Fragrance is such an important part of my being, said Horacio Portillo founder of GYV.  The idea of Mango came to me on one sunny afternoon while I was enjoying a Raspado de Mango, a sweet, tangy treat of shaved ice with mango, lime, and a hint of chile.  At that moment, I reflected on how the flavors and fragrances that are so prevalent in my life (read more on the about us page https://justgyv.com/pages/about-gyv ).

Scents create a scene, develop a place or a person in one’s mind.  Our Dalia fragrance for example as a homage to Mexico, a very personal homage, with is cedar base that reminds me of the many forest around Mexico City always a smoky undertone, the vainilla that is so persistent in the sweets that are eaten in any of the small towns in Mexico, the plumeria trees that overwhelm many tropical parts of Mesoamerica, put all together and this is what I think is the essence of the country and while creating this scent it was all I could think of, told us Horacio.


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