Maracuyá as imagined by Yocelyn Riojas

Maracuyá as imagined by Yocelyn Riojas

We wanted to be intentional in our launch of GYV products. When we launched GYV in 2018, it was our goal to explore voices, staples, and scents from Mesoamerica. My wife is from northern Mexico, and I am from El Salvador; we knew there was a lot to highlight and share, so the GYV Hope initiative was born.  Our goal was simple, to highlight Mesoamerican beauty and to give back.

Our Maracuyá Agua Fresca Candle has notes of Passion Fruit, Pear, Orange and Cacao

We decided to partner with different Latinx artists to design the packaging label of our new Agua Fresca Candles and we reached out to Yocelyn Riojas to help us with Maracuyá. Each artist picked a charity to support with each purchase of the candle they designed. Yocelyn chose Casa Marianella.


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