Month of Amor y Amistad

Month of Amor y Amistad

To GYV (verb \ ˈgiv \) is part of the ethos of GYV Mesoamerican Beauty and today we want to JUST GYV support to those talented Mesoamerican artists and artisans we met during our weekend visit to a few local markets.  Living in Los Angeles, we don’t have to travel far to be inspired by the beauty of Mesoamerica.  We have access to very creative shop owners who use their art and products to share stories deeply rooted in a love and respect for their culture.

People like SOL, the entrepreneur behind XOL Y LUNA a very cool eclectic natural healing brand.  When we asked her about her story she shared her journey, “I had taken an herbalism class and always wanted to share my love for mayan culture and Mexican healing, and also be able to give a bit of my own mix in it spiritually. So that’s how it started.”  Visit SOL on IG for more info about her story and products


While walking the Mujeres Market @ Eastside Café we also met an artist named Kiara, a Mesoamerican of Guatemalan and Salvadorian heritage.  Her father and mother were there right next to her beaming with pride.  We chose a piece of an old Lavandera, which showcases a woman pausing to smile from her arduous job of lavar ropa ajena.  This piece is so impressive and GYVs the viewer pure raw beauty, Mesoamerican Beauty. Visit Kiara on IG to see some of her work and learn more about @kiara_aileen_arts 

This piece is so impressive and GYVs the viewer pure raw beauty, Mesoamerican Beauty. 

This month of Amor y Amistad, JUST GYV local artists and artisans a chance to introduce their brand, and more importantly, share their story.


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