What is Mesoamerica?

What is Mesoamerica?

Mesoamerica refers to a large area of Central and North America, the term first coined by Paul Kirchoff, a German-Mexican archaeologist; Meso (middle, from the Greek mésos) and America, means Middle America.  Paul defines it as a cultural region sharing a number of common characteristics throughout most of pre-Columbian history.  These cultures develop some of the most complex societies in our continent, the area is very diverse, but they were in constant communication and shared, similar myths, calendar systems, and a diet based on corn, beans, pumpkin, and chile.  (hint, the main ingredients in our hand cream)

For Horacio, the founder of GVY Mesoamerican Beauty, Mesoamerica is still alive and thrives in its people, and it is still influencing our modern world.  It is that influence that inspired our company.

As in the past, the countries in Mesoamerica still share many common traits, for example, Mesoamerican countries celebrate its Independence in the month of September, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico.  This is the best time to visit the region, the summer crowds have dissipated; which means cheaper prices on accommodations and tours, and you can celebrate the many festivities of the region. 

Mesoamerica is very diverse in terms of geography, biology, culture, languages, customs, and traditions. Dive into the Mesoamerican experience with one of our luxury candles and maybe get inspired just like we did here at GYV.


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