Women's History Month

Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month and GYV Mesoamerican Beauty wants to do our part to recognize the great contributions women have made by celebrating the many women that are making history in our own backyard.


Women like Kiara Machado IG @kiara_aileen_arts. student at CSULB School of Arts, has artwork that is so raw and beautiful. Her artwork has been presented in several exhibitions and hopefully more to come.


Yocelyn Riojas is another trailblazer that is making history with her piece “My dreams are not illegal,” with a beautiful deep turquoise background, it gives way to  Monarch butterflies surrounding a dreaming young woman. Please visit Yocelyn’s IG feed @ yocelyn.riojas to be inspired and watch this young woman create history. 


There is a brand that is beloved by the G in GYV, Brujitas skin care.  https://brujitaskincare.com/ her mission is truly inspiring and history making.  “Brujita Skincare focuses on reconnecting communities with earth. Made with mineral-rich earth clays and powders sourced from mercados in Mexico. Potent facial masks paired with plant waters for all skin types along with other skin essentials. All ingredients are sourced responsibly through Mercado vendors with intention of helping families in Mexico.” Said Leah Guerrero, Brujita’s founder.


These are just a few of the strong, talented women we’ve met in the last few months who have used their passion for art and culture to create, educate, and inspire.  We encourage you to visit your local shops and boutiques to support the women making a difference in your community.


As always, GYV Love, GYV Hope, GYV Freedom.  JUST GYV

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