Women's History Month

Women's History Month

We continue our celebration of Women’s History Month by sharing three more woman-owned businesses we’ve noticed and think you should too.


First on the list is @cruzemilia of @lasbrujitas. Emilia was recently featured at Viva La Muxer where other fellow female artists showcased their work. Emilia showcased her artwork and titled her pieces “Estamos Aqui,” which was a variety of paintings that included her own little sister. We were fortunate enough to meet Emilia and purchase one of her beautiful prints and sketchbooks. 


Founder Horacio and the G in GYV both attended an event called Indie Beauty Expo, or IBE for short. While we met plenty of women who were hard hustlers, one that stood out was the company Bitch Stix. Every purchase made from @shopbitchstix goes to help women who are survivors of domestic violence and also helps support sexual assault prevention programs. We recommend her “Quit Your Bitchin’ Muscle Rub,” perfect for using it on those sore muscles. 


I’m sure everyone has heard of @ohcomadrecandles, if you haven’t. This woman is not only a mother, nurse but a candle maker of many favorites. Not only is she constantly promoting other latino owned business on her story but she truly embraces the latino culture into her own candles. Her company name is true to who she is as a person, treating all her fellow followers like family, she truly is everyone’s comadre. We were able to pick up a VapoRub candle that smells true to its name, perfect for those sick days.  


Don’t forget to show love to all of the Wonder Women we have mentioned by giving them a follow on Instagram. 

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